GlobalEd Labs

GlobalEd Labs are new virtual spaces for collaborative design and problem solving in global and international education. Our Labs will bring together faculty leaders, experts, community members, researchers, and practitioners in a human-centered design format to tackle approaches to experiential learning, diversity, inclusion, community engagement, and research. We also offer individual and institutional/organizational consultation as part of the lab experience. GlobalEd Labs connect people and ideas together in a four stage process: Inquiry, Intercultural Design, Framing/Stakeholder Engagement, and Implementation.

Labs are a mixture of asynchronous problem-solving, synchronous community design meetings, individual and group consultations, and research collaboration. Join a lab today — all who are interested in the topic are encouraged to participate and collaborate!

Speakers and Guest Trainers

Nadine Binder, PhD, Partner, Institute for Developing Across Differences (IDD)
Rich Kurtzman, Founder & Director, Barcelona Study Abroad Experience
Tara Harvey, PhD, Founder, True North Intercultural 

Philosophy and Format

GlobalEd Labs present a new approach to major topics in the field. Breaking down silos, participants will work together to problem solve and create solutions to major issues, both at their institutions and more generally. GlobalEd labs involve a four-stage process:

  • Inquiry – setting goals for each lab, forming teams, setting research agendas, brainstorming possibilities.
  • Intercultural design – creating frameworks for locally-centered and globally minded intercultural engagement
  • Framing and stakeholder engagement – framing problems and assessing community and stakeholder needs
  • Implementation – collaborating and implementing Lab Projects

Each Lab is virtual and usually has a timeline of 3-4 months in duration. As a participant, your $25 entry fee allows you to join any part of the lab you wish, whether it’s an event, mini-training, working group, or lab sub-committee. Project plans are created with participants in a co-creation model when each lab kicks off.

Participation and Commitment

Participants have flexibility on the amount of time and energy they would like to contribute to the lab. Participation is flexible to each person and may depend on the nature of the projects, research questions, and integration with each individual participant’s goals. You can decide when and how much to participate. Participation has many benefits, including building your network of collaborators, learning from peers, and being on the forefront of new developments in the field.

Anyone can participate!


Each Lab has a one-time individual participant fee of $25 which covers lab fees and costs for the duration of the lab (typically 3-4 months). When you sign up for the Eventbrite kick-off event, your ticket covers all additional lab events and opportunities including access to other concurrent labs and lab events.

Lab fees are discounted 50% for GlobalEd Basic Account and Matching Account members and are free for Pro and Premium Members. For GlobalEd memberships, click here

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