I was recently talking with a colleague about the state of the field of International Education (IE). We were reflecting on how we still hear stories about higher education senior administrators who are unaware that our field IS an academic discipline unto itself. It seems that they are often thinking “Who amongst my senior leaders […]

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Practicing International Education: An Introduction

  • Sora Friedman
  • October 20, 2022
  • 7 min read

What does it mean to practice International Education? Being married to an attorney (now retired after many years), I’ve had many conversations about the concept of “practicing” one’s profession. According to the American Bar Association, “the ‘practice of law’ is the application of legal principles and judgment with regard to the circumstances or objectives of […]

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Practicing International Education

  • GlobalEd
  • August 28, 2022
  • 1 min read

A forthcoming column by Dr. Sora Friedman, SIT Graduate Institute GlobalEd is excited to announce “Practicing International Education,” a regular column to be authored by Sora Friedman, Ph.D., and Chair of SIT Graduate Institute’s masters programs in international education. Dr. Friedman is an award-winning leader in the field. She is recipient of the 2015 NAFSA […]

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