Josef Mestenhauser and Systems Theory in International Education

Join us for this exciting GlobalEd Lab!
Begins December 15, 2022

Josef A. Mestenhauser (1925 – 2015) was one of the founding leaders of international and global education. A former President of NAFSA and Fulbright Scholar, Mestenhauser was a professor, administrator, scholar and leader who advocated to see global education as a unified “system” rather than a sum of many parts (study abroad, international students, disciplinary learning, exchanges, campus policies, etc.).

This Lab will explore Mestenhauser’s systems view. We will examine several key issues today: intercultural communication, leadership, and internationalization. Mestenhauser wrote extensively on these issues in book chapters, presentations, and other publications. His systems view of internationalization — particularly in regard to internationalizing disciplines — is misunderstood, and many of his publications still resonate today.

Participants will be encouraged to read from the new book, Mestenhauser and the Possibilities of International Education (2022), and the essay “Global Education as Unity.

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Other key works by Mestenhauser:

Mestenhauser, J. A. (2002). In search of a comprehensive approach to international education: A systems perspective. In W. Grünzweig & N. Rinehart (Eds.), Rocking in red square: Critical approaches to international education in the age of cyberculture (pp. 165-208). Münster, Germany: Lit Verlag.

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